Best Indian series to watch

Indian web series are doing excellent on youtube moreover their stories are great.

Here are few ratings that are figured out by me on the comment section of some of the best web series and much more. Although there are many other hilarious web series that I may not be aware of so you can comment any suggestion and you may also support your favorite one from the below.

5) BANG BAJA BAARAT:- This web series features struggle of a couple who met each other on a tinder date and fell in love and decides to get married. The series becomes more interesting when their parents met each other. There are many hurdles on their way to get married, will they get married? This question goes long till the end of the season and at the end, suspense restores for next season.

4) TRIPLING:-This is one of the best web series available online. The story brings out an awesome road trip of siblings to an unknown destination. All of them out of their busy life gets time to know about each other which was not possible when they were away from each other but they finally get broke and went on different ways and at the end of the season, they meet at a common point. This series contains a lot of suspense.

3) AISHA  MY VIRTUAL GIRLFRIEND:- This web series is by Arre, this is a science fiction series so all sci-fci geeks you must watch it. This is a story about an introvert geek coder who creates an extraordinary artificial intelligence software, but his life turns hard on him as his creation becomes his enemy and attempts to destroy his life. After, he realizes it misuses he tries to delete his creation as it turns lethal.

2)PERMANENT ROOMMATES:-  This web series is by TVF play and it is one of the best Indian series I have ever watched, this contains romance, suspense, comedy and much more. It is about a couple, Mikesh and Tanya, who has been in a long relationship for three years and suddenly Mikesh proposes Tanya for marriage and Tanya is blank and not confident about it so she just let the things go but she realizes that she loves Mikesh and they decides to get married and then the complete procedure marriage begins. There is still a lot of suspense left which is to be unfolded by you.

1) TVF’S PITCHERS:-This web series is by TVF play. This is a must watch for all teenager, this web series was suggested to me by a friend of mine and when I saw it I thanked him a lot for suggesting.  This is all about the journey of four guys who try to get funding for their business idea. However, I do not know what to tell you but you can see it is on the top so it must have something worth watching, I just want you to watch it once.

So this was my ranking of Indian best Web series, I hope you like it and if I missed something very interesting then please comment them down below. I will love to read your opinions.