How to master Trigonometry in a day or two…

Hey, guys I just posted this on my Facebook page and profile about mastering trigonometry in a day or two, and I am writing this post over it. Like I have promise, in a day or two. But there are some things that you have to do being ahead of this time as I suppose that you knew them.
The very first thing is to generate interest in it. It is to be strictly followed as if you lack an interest then no one can teach you by millions of yours and his efforts.
Now just go through all the formulas and wrote them on a sheet of paper. You have to look for shortcuts and simplify a number of formulas since you will look at them most of them can be derived easily like-
(TAN2x= 2TANx/1-TAN^2x) and many other too.

Once you clear the concept of algebra it becomes easy to handle this troublesome topic. Now we haven’t still begun with our day. These are the things that you have to prepare before. The most important point before beginning your day to master it have a complete 10 hours sleep. And learn how to reformat your brain. It’s quite simple you have to just sit on a seat and think nothing, just eradicate each thought from your mind or look in front and focus on your breath( you have to nothing but listen to it). Reformatting can help you in a lot of ways like your way of perceiving failures and this world become better your understanding about your surrounding will deepen, I’m not pointing about people it’s just about nature.

Trigonometry is not a part of the sheet and some questions its way far from there, it’s involved in our lives in numerous ways. We have to just correlate it and BEGIN YOU DAY!!!!

Set an alarm for the 4’o clock in the morning and just get fresh by 4:30 am. Now open your book NCERT is recommended for beginners, no refreshers no R.D Sharma. Then you have to study basics ( cbse-10th ) and then formulas and how they are derived. This is the target for two hours. Now at 6:30 am take a break for half an hour. And after fifteen minutes recall in what have you studied. Then begin with(cbse 11th course) angle measurement ( radian conversions) and cover your Trigonometric functions, just learn the theory and their applications in examples, for this, you have time up to 11:00 am then you are allowed to have some free time for about half an hour.

Now just practice the examples and then move to exercise. To be quick in trigonometry, make habit of playing chess regularly thrice in a week or daily.It will enhance your critical thinking which is a crucial skill for solving and proving trigonometric functions. Simultaneously have a quick recall power of formulas.

Look at both sides of an equation and then just apply the very first identity in your mind that comes to you and just predict the steps in your head and slowly you will master in it.

Now the rest of time is just left for the practice in an above-mentioned manner.  First, solve them by seeing from examples then do few more than start following predicting method. Just focus more on conversions formulas that are helpful in solving and practising problems.

Thank you, friends, for visiting our post, if you liked it then please let us know in the comment section, and if you have any suggestion then feel free to express it. Also, mention your experience with these steps.