Want tracking free browsing???

Many of us browse the net and many of us want that whatever they browse must be safe so how to do that?? Yes we have got this one, you have to just download Tor browser . Like chrome, Firefox TOR is also a browser which changes the IP address of its user multiple time at beginning.

It makes a web of IP addresses across the world. It is also termed as anonymous browser, you can also have it on your mobiles. This browser when changes IP’s then its only aware from where it came and where it will go. There is no chance in connecting the dots by any external person to locate the real user. I recommend it because it enables us to browse anything that we want to without any fear of getting tracked. The only negative point of this browser is that it reduces your speed. And beware of the some points while browsing through TOR , make sure that you never click on the update links which comes while you are browsing , unless you are away from them your identity is hidden as soon as you click on such links your identity get unrevealed. One more precaution never get logged in to your any account using TOR as it may become a loop for your identity.

There are many other links that comes with the domain ONION, these links will never work on the other browsers but the TOR can help you to run them. Just like we have google search TOR has got DUCKDUCKGO.

So just be sure about some facts and have a nice happy tracking free browsing. This browser is legal in all countries and this browser was made with the purpose of safe browsing by some agencies and authorities but later on on it was opened for everyone. You can just download it from its website without any charge. Its a free software.