Who are you?

A Post by Garvika Joshi

Opinions. Judgments. Perceptions.
That is what our fragile human world is made up of. Not of raw truth but of obscured lies. Of half told truths and confidence oozing illusions. Of beliefs and perceptions and ideologies.
And though we may deny the truth is most of us are standing on the precipice of opinions, shouting into the void of judgments and trying- rather unsuccessfully- to survive the fall from the cliff of external perceptions.
We try and try and try some more to free ourselves from binding shackles of judgments, of a neon flashing sign of classifications stuck on our heads-by others and sometimes by ourselves-and each time we fail. Most of us do. Because the truth is no matter how much we talk about DGAF-ing being cool, the pandemonium of this mirage called the world blinds us. The opinions and judgments never truly let the mask drop off from our faces. And then, eventually, we become so accustomed to their presence that now the idea of dropping these masks is what we dread. The facades of our shallow, ignorant selves rule us and we are happy to let them. Because it is easier. Better. Because letting go of that particular niche makes you the part of the crowd. A tiny minuscule part of the bigger picture which is devoid of attention and responsibility. It helps us to hide, not dropping your mask that is. Makes us the part of the bigger group where we become one common convulsed blur of mankind.
Often, I had wondered if any of us relishes our complete potential? Or are we just surfaces of delusional personalities that we created? Maybe we are. And maybe we are not.
But somewhere, somehow, sometime we had let our demons rule us. The Satan that lurks inside us. And maybe the masks originate ‘cause we are afraid of that dark, psychopathic side of us. These masks help us to maintain the obnoxious yet required gray shade of our existence over our freshly mown graves where we bury our secrets and probably the real us.