Why the rain ( cloud burst) at Kotdwar took a lethal turn???

This monsoon brought Kotdwar with a lot of refreshing rains and fame. A day earlier ( 4TH of  August), I heard the name of Kotdwar on the National News channel!!!, which I haven’t before. It was amazing, but it was for a bad reason. There was heavy rain and every thing got messed up and the lives we lost was unaccounted yet, many went on missing….

The rain of 3rd August

The day saw rainy weather since the morning but no one could have predicted the tomorrow. It was around 5:30 pm in the evening when I called my mother for tea, then I walked to my balcony and I saw no mountains it was all white and dark and then I saw two dark clouds meeting and moving upwards, I just randomly predicted that it’s going to be a cloud burst. But the next morning it was the reality I was shocked by the image of Kotdwar, it seemed that this place had suffered a flood.

The horrifying night:

I have a habit to work late into the nights, so I witnessed a lot of thunder and lightening, I was just praying for peace but it wasn’t there. The whole night the sky shouted. And the most usual happening electricity was shut down.

The damage:


On 4th August,


My mother told me not to go school but I knowingly wake up and dressed for school and marched to my bus stop, I knew today must be off, and then I thought today isn’t rainy at all then why today’s off. But later when I was out for some work I get why it was the holiday for two days. It was such a worst condition I was completely shocked. The canteen wall on the side of BANK was destroyed and every where there was wet sand.

Water was filled in many homes. It was a disaster like situation. The railway bridge connecting Najibabd and Kotdwar was still there but the land beyond the bridges at the one end was cut off and it was vacant. I exclaimed over it. Many shops suffered a huge loss, their material and stock got spoiled.Then I saw many walls that were broken, which gave me the idea of heavy rain.


Simply deforestation and capturing of land and bending the natural flow of rivers and canals was the reason for what happened at Kotdwar. Deforestation makes the holding and absorbing the power of soil weaker. This was the reason why there was wet sand on the road 100 meters away from the bridge. The new canteen which is built at the level of canal suffered a huge loss the complete road in its interior was covered with wet sand. The condition of roads was too bad that it was difficult to cross few places. The land capturing near the canal and making canal less wide is one of the biggest reason for the present condition. This incident also reveals that many homes do not have the good way to eject water that’s the reason why many homes are filled with water. The places near bridges are worst affected due to the trees which came with the flow of water and got struck at crossing bridges and the water find the way by entering the nearby homes and roads.

Can we FIX this!!!

Yes, there is nothing that can’t be fixed, we should be more precise now. As we are now well aware of the thing which could stop the incidents like this. Let’s be little more humble towards nature otherwise, it will keep on vomiting over us like this one.