About Us

We at Giyanopedia try to bring pure knowledge to our readers. We have been on the internet for about 3 years now. Over the years our content has changed a lot and at last, everything comes to a conclusion.

To us conclusion was SPIRITUALITY !!! We are now heading towards this holy direction, we hope we see you joining us in this prosperous JOURNEY!

Abhimanyu Jadli (20)

He is the founder of Giyanopedia.in and one of the co-founders at Titanium Industries, a tech startup. He is a professional blogger who has been writing and designing content for over three years making him content and web designer at TheHighOnMarketing.com. Also, he is the author of No Directions.

He likes stories, mostly from his normal life. He pays high attention to the trivial stuff which is reflected in his blogs. He is passionate about embedded systems and hardware intelligence.

“Dot is Enough”

– Abhimanyu Jadli

Diptanshu Mishra (18)

He is main guy behind all the utmost spiritual blogs. He is into every sort of mysticism, spirituality and philosophy. His has just begin his blogging journey. He often says,

This world is temporary and is constantly changing and so are my interests and passion.

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