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What is the Meaning of Life

What is the Meaning of Life?

This is a confusing topic because the definition of two of the words “meaning” and “life” are ambiguous. In one way, it’s defined as interpretation. Like how we talk about the meaning of a painting or a piece of music. It’s something that lies beyond its perception, and it must be conceptualized through thought by

Are You Trapped in One of The Social Scams

Are You Trapped in One of The Social Scams?

Isn’t life uphill, since birth everyone tells you to go higher and higher; without a doubt, everyone follows the path. But life is a mountain with mist, you are walking through it but you are unaware of all the treasures and dangers waiting for you to somehow stumble upon them. The best part is that

Apun Urja Hai

Apun Urja Hai

Lately you must have seen this all over our social media profiles. So, what does it mean? It may seem obvious from its literal translation into english as I am enegry itself. We all are souls in this physical body, we are different and yet united with the UNIVERSE. Well, then why do you think

Why the vow of Chastity

Why the vow of Chastity? | Spiritual Purity

You might have wondered about the vow of chastity, well if you aren’t aware of it then in simple words from google, it’s a vow that forbids any unnecessary sexual entanglements. Well, here unnecessary need some definitions. Let’s drop it off and head straight into the topic after a couple of examples, a virgin or