Does our awareness come from ATOMS?

The solemn difference between a dead person and an alive person can lightly be taken as the consciousness possessed by the body. But the real question arises when someone asks where does it come from? This blog attempts to put forward an opinion which could be true.

What if our consciousness rose from an ATOM! ? Is it fascinating or weird?

Even today with so much of our advancement we haven’t yet fully understood anything about an atom. So, ruthlessly contradicting this proposal might be an unethical decision. We must consider this as a possibility.

There are several theories related to electrons like single electron theory which is based on the fact that two electrons are exactly the same such that there is no difference between them. So, there exists only one electron which is present everywhere in different dimensions and time. So, that electron is wise as it never messes things up.

The above theory might be confusing or a science fiction stuff. So, let’s look into the fact that the body which we consider to be conscious is made up of DNA which is again made up of atom. The grouping of an atom to form humans is also a very strong point to support the argument.

Even at an isolated state, it’s hard to figure out the nature of atoms and other sub-atomic particles. And that’s what quantum mechanics is all about. It’s the study of the nature of atoms and its constituent. This is where make mistake we take science and spirituality as two different things but the reality is that they are two axes of the same dimensions.

We are mostly a pile of well-organized atoms and all those organells of a cell which perform life processes are so well organized. Two years back Nobel prize in biology was awarded to research which confirmed the presence of clock protein in our body. This clearly means that our body processes are synchronized only because of it which is again a good composition of atoms. So, it could be concluded that when atoms come in certain arrangements then we call it as “living”.

But our definition of living and non-living is messed up. We think consciousness only belongs to living beings but it’s not true. The ancient Chinese used to believe in spirits and everything possessed one. A rock lying outside of the river has some consciousness as the fishes into the river. It’s just that rock defies some characteristics that we humans have made it for us and other organisms that look like us. Well, it could be from a perspective of rock we are non-living and if we call earth our planet but rocks existed before humans so its rock’s planet.

We need to change a few definitions and respect each and everything around us. In Indian cultures, books are treated like gods but they are too just atoms like rocks and other stuff. If some civilization is found to respect non-living books then it’s clear that there is something between non-living things and their impact on us which could only be if we all our conscious at a certain level as per atomic arrangement.

Well, I hope you get something to take away. Please have a discussion about this with your family and friends, it’s possible that you might come with strong proof !!! Please leave your feedback