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Are there Devil’s Graveyards Around the World

Are there Devil’s Graveyards Around the World? | Vile Vortices | Part 1

Vile vortices are regions on the earth that show naturally occurring anomalous behavior. There are a total of 12 vile vortices spread equally across the Tropic of Cancer, the Tropic of Capricorn, and include the North and the South Pole. The concept of vile vortices was introduced by Ivan T. Sanderson (Scottish Biologist, Author, and

Learn To Live A Blog Touching All Aspects Of Life

Learn To Live | A Blog Touching All Aspects Of Life

Because in the end, you won’t remember the working in the office, mowing the lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain We make our life and the world our surrounding but we also know the fact that there is a whole new unexplored world out there waiting for you to explore it. But we never take the

Does Our Awareness Come From ATOMS

Does Our Awareness Come From ATOMS?

The solemn difference between a dead person and an alive person can lightly be taken as the consciousness possessed by the body. But the real question arises when someone asks where does it come from? This blog attempts to put forward an opinion which could be true. What if our consciousness rose from an ATOM!

Are We Neglecting Life

Are We Neglecting Life?

When people face sudden disaster or death, they often realize that they have wasted so much of their life on unimportant things while neglecting important things. Why don’t we all get this realization earlier? What misleads us? It’s our mind. To understand, here’s an analogy. Suppose someone gifts us a precious jewel. Appreciating its value,

Is There Life In Clouds Of Venus

Is There Life In Clouds Of Venus?

Humans have been exploring nearby planets to solve the quest for the origin of life. We have been exploring the entire solar system but sometimes we need to change our vision to solve our problem. Our curious nature has accelerated the field of research. Well, there are many other big and recognized websites which have

Is Happiness Really Misunderstood

Is Happiness Really Misunderstood?

“Happiness”, a word that is very fond of sticking to motivational quotes. But I don’t see a point in being happy in life. Happiness is just a human emotion. You should experience all of those and then develop your taste. It’s just like food, there are different cuisine and you tend to taste different types

The Theory Of Relativity Gets Explored

The Theory Of Relativity Gets Explored

You all must know that I have just initiated our first series of Space talks under the name of All About Space. In this series, I will try my best to explain each and every concept of Space and some related topics which will be posted daily. If you want a particular topic to get

Parallel Universe And Timeline All About Space

Parallel Universe And Timeline | All About Space

Hey there, hi there…. I am Abhimanyu Jadli here with another space talks…..let’s get started. You may have watched movies related to parallel universe and time travel particularly ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ and ‘Back To The Future’. These movies have used the awesome concept of time travel moreover they have intermixed it with the Parallel

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