Where is GOD?

Note: This blog will not sum up at God residing in your hearts.

We have traveled a lot from where the journey began. I guess it was the first time when someone wanted to fly in the sky with his futile efforts involving flapping his hands.  It’s too far, in the wisdom of Krishna, one has the right to question everything. So, the first time when someone questioned was the first time when human civilization actually cried after being born. 

So, far we have struggled to answer a few questions which have helped us to crawl through this world with a better perception of the circus around us. 

There are many things which stay constant, like oxygen, it was then and it’s today and hopefully will stay on. Similarly, a question which existed since the dawn and will linger around till dusk do exist, Where is God? 

It’s a very simple question. Let me ask you, where are you? Your answer will probably lie inside the earth. Also, if you want to enquire about someone and it’s pretty clear that they left a note. Then before thinking about the question, our action should involve reading the note. Then, why don’t we read the scriptures left by God himself? The holy Shri Bhagwat Geeta, whose each line holds glory because the almighty himself spoke them about 5000 years ago.  It’s written in those pages, whenever a question sprouts, the answer is showered. 

So, your all questions about god ends when you pick the books associated with him. Most of the time we human struggles to think beyond. You must be wondering about the things “beyond”

It’s our destiny to think because a mouse in a maze can’t find it’s way out until he is lucky or god himself whispers the way out which itself is an extremely rare occasion. 

This blog must be a maze too. Well, let’s get straight to the topic.  Where is God? 

There are many astronomical notions mentioned in many of our scriptures. If one bothers to read them, then they could fetch a lot of information which will surely not be less than modern science textbooks. No, I am not a blind believer. It’s the awakening thats speaking. 

One of the hot topics, AI. No, I will not say that some Indians thousands of years ago invented it long before Alan Turing, especially not today. But the concept of machine learning involves reading the previous arguments and then looking at the facts to verify them and if it’s done successfully then only a future event can be predicted using the set of arguments which proved to be true. 

Our scriptures have proved a lot of time that they have relations with reality but we keep on ignoring them just like modern children ignoring their old parents. It’s only in those depths where one will find the answer. I am not asking you to go there, I am just showing you the way to get your facts right before coming back at me. 

There are many interesting scientific topics running across the globe building bridges and connecting yesterday’s impossible to today’s possibility.  Well, in the world of science and science fiction a world revolves a lot, “DIMENSION”.  If I try to plug-in my elementary knowledge then a line is a 1 D, the intersection of two lines (not collinearly ) germinate the 2 D too. The good news is that there are many people who have created many worlds and are governing them. It’s just that they are in 2 D or 1 D. Everything around us is 3 D. So, basically you have been playing with 3 D, 2 D, and 1 D. But you can never hit above it. It’s totally against the law of this dimension.  

So, if he made it all then he can never belong to this dimension. There is the time which forms the 4th dimension again confirmed by the science of today.  So, what will be it looks like to be in it? You will see the entire 3 D as a single entity and just the effect of time on it. No, I have never been fortunate enough to go there but I am pretty sure that our destination will make each one of us go through it. 

Yes, the so-called Death, is nothing but a transition of the soul, I know this is a quite controversial statement but it’s not merely a transition but an interdimensional transition. Your soul detaches from the body and you get Divya Drishti (Super Vision) to see everything all at once just like Sanjay from Mahabharata. Then comes Yamdooth with his furious appearance stands in front of you but you are not directly taken to another dimension as your goal is not to be left out in this 4th dimension but to go a lot above and Yamdooth turns you into a body of the size of a thumb and there is one other transition and during this process, our body goes through a lot of pain, this is the punishment.

Finally, we are at the 5 D where Lord Vishnu is supposed to live. In this dimension, it’s believed that one can see the entire universe all at once.  

Well, there is one more which is the supreme level. The 6 D knows all the possible universes, one is a multiverse. The one who thrives there is the Supreme Lord Krishna. The journey of our soul is expected to end here as it gets off from the vicious cycle of birth and death. 

So, can you see the soul?, definitely “NO” But can soul see us? Yes, of course, but it cant respond to us in a manner we (3 D) can know of their presence. It’s just like the ending of the movie Interstellar. 

Also, there is an argument that I want to attach to it. If lord Krishna didn’t have the capability to foresaw multiverse and every timeline then ending of the Mahabharata would not have been the way it is today. He knew everything about everyone and the way he managed everything. It feels like everything was pre-planned. 

It’s true that God is someone far great superior. I don’t support the statements completely. They can surely be untrue but I felt my duty to share them with you.

I hope this blog could just give you a direction to think which has equal chances to be true as it has for being false.

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