Why Moh-Maya exists?

The motive of the creation of Maya is very beautiful. I am totally in love with Maya, but I do know that it is the only thing that will become a burden on my soul and won’t let me go. So, it’s a necessity that I shed it soon. If I am with the Maya so I have to be conscious about it all the time.

The problem only exist until you are unaware of the problem.

It’s pretty true once you know about the problem it’s your will whether to get it off your life or let it cling in.

Before understanding the existence of Moh-Maya it becomes our right to be aware of Moh Maya.

Well, it’s one of the words used by most of the teenager when something is unjustifiable, they use it. Well, everything that you can see in the world (Human Life) is Moh-Maya. Humans tend to make bonds. No one can be bond free even the one who is bond free is bonded to the idea of being bond free.

In this blog, I mean all types of bonds, material bonds, and emotional bonds as well as intellectual bonds too.

But there is a bond that is worth having, the love for God.

Now, it may sound pretty obvious to everyone. So, we are not going to dig in there.

We have a topic to discuss.

So, if God is aware that humans tend to trap in this Moh-Maya then why we are created in the way to have an attraction for them. In short, why is there this concept of Moh-Maya?

So, to understand this we have to understand the concept of Yugas, which will be covered soon. So, Yugas are cyclic in nature and they are pretty scientific. All the spiritual scripture points in the same direction that we are a part of the giant binary star system. Yes, to make it clear we do have a sister for our dear sun. This binary system makes our Yugas.

Even modern science itself is not courageous enough to throw this fact proposed by Purans out of the window. In addition, there is a research paper that put forwards an idea for this binary star system to be true.

I think we don’t need any more proof that science and spiritualism all are seeking the same thing. But the path of science is difficult and long which also involves the eradication of the spiritual facts and thus rediscovering them on their own. Well, it’s a good thing to do when you are in a competition with someone. You don’t go on nodding your head as your opponent says. You have to use your head into understanding the situation and act accordingly.

But, have you just wonder when our quest will end?


No, this quest will travel until we become fortunate enough to witness the Almighty.

In India, we never separated science and spiritualism but in this modern era with the influence of the west and most importantly due to the invaders we have damaged our heritage.

The discoverer of 0, Aryabhatta was not just a mathematician, but also he put forward the idea of Heliocentrism, which was many hundreds of years earlier from Copernicus. Also, he was a priest and used to look into astronomy for predicting suitable dates for kings and others.

So, Moh-Maya…..

Yugas are cyclic in nature and the awaited Kali Yuga which already arrived has visited Earth a lot of times. The most vibrant incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu, Kalki, is the synonym for the KNOWLEDGE. The knowledge will itself guide you to the ocean but it will be your decision whether to go across or stay on the shore safely. It’s said that it will be riding a white horse which will be walking with the speed of light. The Lord will be holding a sword, the sword of Knowledge which when touched can do miracles. Knowledge has the power to do miracles. The knowledge seeker human will have a crystal clear thought on everything once in contact with the god. There will be no doubts. But you must be wondering about meeting with the Lord in person. No, I will ask you to meditate neither I will ask you to become religious. But you just have to wait with patience and be kind to fellow human beings. Its mentioned that Lord Kalki will visit every one 7 times, in his own way to guide them.

This is the time when Lord himself will come to help you to distinguish between reality and Moh-Maya. Your following actions which will be based upon your free will be deciding the consequences of your action which could have been avoided.

There is a cute history to it. When Lord Shiva was going to end the Kal Yuga with a Pralaya ( The Great Dissolution) then Lord Vishnu who is the preserver of the universe comes in between and ask Lord Shiva to give a chance to human and then he himself incarnated as Lord Kalki to help humankind to play their last card well. Those who will understand God will get MOKSH ( the ultimate Salvation) those who will resist are going to suffer.

Now, then when God is the one playing with everything then did he just did it for fun.

The creation of Moh Maya is only because the life that we are living in is just a soul in this body. All the desires are bounded to this body not soul. All good feelings about life are mostly related to the body.

So, our soul which is indestructible follows a cycle and the human life that we live is just leisure time.

Well, just assume the Earth as an amusement park where are a lot of rides. So, you visited the amusement park and now you can see many people who came well and left happily but there are some stubborn children who are fascinated by the rides to such an extent that they refuse to go back into the world of reality.

This is our life as a human. Many of us leave happily but some refuse to go and get trap into this vicious cycle of birth and death which distracts us from our bigger journey as a soul that will transcend dimensions.

So, the only thing that we can do is to enjoy life and enjoy Moh-Maya but let’s not intermix them into our lives to such an extent that it becomes hard to leave when the time awaits for our departure.

Keep Chanting!

Keep working!

This human life is all about what you want to make from it. It got no definations.

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